For the eager Pre-K or Kindergarten student who can’t wait to start reading and writing

With this 120-lesson course, your earliest reader will begin to master pencil grip and take control of their handwriting.  As the children write with Ms. Erin through each lesson, they pick up the phonograms little by little.  Once they are writing more letters and hearing more sounds, they begin to notice that the sounds make words (3-4 letters) and those words are in the books they’re reading!  It truly is a magical “ah-ha!” moment for everyone. Pre-reader books are perfect at this age because they CAN read the whole thing.

Materials needed: Primary Composition notebook. Student chair and desk for proper handwriting form (see photos). Regular #2 pencils (NOT the wide ones)

Explore The English Language

Here’s What You Get …

Video Lessons

Allow your child to learn reading independently and at their own pace.  Learning to read doesn’t have to be complicated and Ms. Erin’s videos will show you and your child just that!

Immediate Feedback

Both parent and child will receive feedback throughout the program. These results will show you where more attention is needed and how well they are doing.

Fun Breaks

It can’t all be hard work, right?   Kids will enjoy silly breaks that allow them to stay focused for longer periods of time.

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