Beginning Phonics

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Making “Writing Road to Reading” easier

Learn my tips and tricks for implementing this program into your homeschool day.

In just three, ten minute lessons you will:

→ Demystify the materials list needed for success

→ Identify the simple steps to take right now

→ Obtain my personal “Weekly Spelling Calendar”


Enrollment opens October 18, 2021

Sign up for this easy course if you are:


→ Intimidated by the layout of “WRTR”

→ Overwhelmed by the amount of work you think is required

→ Having “Mom Guilt” because the book just sits on your shelf

→ Just beginning your homeschooling journey

→ In need of someone to walk along side you as you begin the program

In “Making WRTR Easier” you’ll get:

→ Three 10-minute videos dripped to your inbox over a 3-day period

→ Access to the three videos for an extra FOUR days

→ 3 worksheets to take with you for future reference throughout the school year

→ Step-by-step instructions on how to teach this program and when

→ Pro-parent tips that will make teaching this program WAY easier

→ A sample weekly calendar of how I teach my four kids this program every week

→ A Diagnostic Test to tell you where to start your child in the spelling lists

→ A bonus instructional video teaching you HOW to give the Diagnostic Test