You have questions, we have answers!


What are your membership plans?

There are two membership types:

  • All Inclusive – includes access to all Beginning Phonics levels for one student
  • School Access – includes access to all levels for a classroom with feedback sent to parents and teachers (contact us for pricing info)
How long does my membership last?
  • Your membership lasts 1 year from your date of purchase.
I am coming from a different curriculum. What level should I start my child?

If you are coming from a different curriculum, you should start with the “WRTR” levels (3-5). The diagnostic test will let you know which level and word list to start with . 

Do I need to buy the textbooks?

Yes. While we provide the teaching videos, students will still need the word lists provided in the textbook.

Can I move to a different textbook in the middle of the year?

Yes. Not all children will start at the beginning of a Level and finish it at the end of a school year.  We want to make sure you child can move at their own pace to get the most out of the program.  Sometimes kids just need a break, and that is perfectly okay!

Why do the Levels overlap?

Because they do 🙂

Why isn't there a Diagnostic Test for Levels 1 & 2?

Because they do 🙂